Stress Safety Net for Organisational Excellence 


In the mundane life, unmanageable stress effects the employees' quality of life and performance at work. Managing stress at optimum level is the only way out to maintain motivation, positive mind-set and sustainable performance with well-being. Stress Management Lab(SML)with its decade of research and training experience has worked closely with International council of Stress Management Professionals(ICSMP), Australia and has devised a comprehensive Stress Management program called “Stress Safety Net“(SSN) to enable an effective and efficient Stress Management model to help mitigate the ill effects of chronic stress of the Individuals & Organizations.

 USP Stress Management Lab (SML) is the only organisation in the country offering evidence-based, solution-oriented and organisational-level intervention (Stress Safety Net) activities to impart stress management effectively for every employee and their immediate family through: 

• Dedicated Online Platform: STRESSAFETY 

• Researched and Reliable Assessments

 • Structured process: Coaching (Habit formation), Counselling (Attitudinal Empowerment) 

• Customized Protocols

 • Monitoring and follow-ups



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Styles tend simply look from your blue. While the pattern may be essentially used for computer's desktop sites after a while, it has the rapidly getting up with reactive websites also. Instead of trying to get the specific lower part (or top) this can be a much more rewarding to trip fashionable and allow the market let you know just where it could going. Just like any other thing in the digital Globe, webdesign movements are consistently changing and evolving. The net design tendencies change every year. For the expert website design company, it's vital to keep themselves upgrading towards latest trends of internet design. Even though some trends just like grid structure and fat-free design elements have slept on with respect to long, other folks like 3D IMAGES transition results were unable to maintain the interest with the web site users, simply to disappear in a even though.

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