Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) has been established by GERMI as a Private University through the State Act enacted on 4th April, 2007. PDEU has launched School of Liberal Studies which currently offers a Bachelor degree that equips a student to develop an array of intellectual skills, a variety of methodologies and ways of understanding our changing world, and a broad base of varied knowledge. In turn, such a Liberal Education establishes an invaluable foundation for more specialized study in one's major or in one of the professions, and for a life-long affinity for learning and continuing intellectual development.

The course imparts classical education in various fields like art, literature, languages, music, dramatics, philosophy, politics, history, law, mathematics, science and general studies. It emphasizes on the need to seek knowledge for promoting intellectual growth, creative expression and rational thought.

The school also offers various Masters and Ph.D. degrees in humanities.

Copesmart is a comprehensive solution developed by Stress Management Lab. It fulfills total Employee Assistance Program (EAP) objectives. The overall purpose of any EAP is to ensure that employees are able to manage their daily lives and remain productive at work, even when faced with difficult life experiences. It is highly beneficial in the workplace because they promote employee self-managed care, which can reduce employee stress and boost company productivity.

Some Facts ----
Domestic and international studies have found that in ROI terms, EAP counselling programs can return between 5 to 10 times the employers’ investment.
--reducing employee turnover
--reduces health insurance & medical health claims
--boosts the confidence of employees 


The birth of NRSI in the year 1987 had been a very significant landmark in the history of nursing profession in India in general and nursing research in particular. The society, NRSI, the first of its kind in India, is a premier organization.  The society was formed with the main aim of providing a forum to nurse scientists by organizing conferences and workshops throughout the country to promote nursing research activities.

Today, with more than 3000 members including 40+ international members on its roll, it has moved to the forefront of promoting research, disseminating the research findings, providing the best evidence for nursing practice and positively influencing the quality of nursing practice and nursing education in India. The society is growing steadily larger and stronger


 Invitation to Knowledge Partner

ISMA would like to invite likeminded organisations (Universities / Institutions / Corporates / Associations) as a knowledge partner / associate in conducting its 8th International Congress of Stress, Performance & Wellness (ICSPW 2021) on 17, 18 and 19 December 2021 virtual mode.

  Roles and Responsibilities of Knowledge Partner are as follows:

1. One subject matter expert (ICSPW 2021 identified themes) of your organisation can be nominated to participate the conference as resource person.

2. Your organisation will be recognized as a partner of the Congress, and its name will be printed in the congress program bulletin at the ISMA Web site.

3. Name and website url of partner institutions will be added on the ISMA website.

4. Maximum of 5 delegates suggested by you can be participated in the Congress without registration fee.

5. The knowledge partner organisation (ISBR) will be responsible for a minimum of registering 50 delegates (with registration fee).

6. Knowledge partner will Promote ICSPW 2021.

We once again welcome you to associate with ISMA as knowledge partner in organising ICSPW 2021. The last date to receive your letter of interest is August 15, 2021. It is however, advisable to send your interest letter at the earliest so that we can post your organization name on the conference web site and other forums. 


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