About ISMA
The International Stress Management AssociationIND(ISMA) is a registered professional trust with a multi-disciplinary professional membership. It aims to promote sound knowledge and best practices in the prevention and reduction of human stress. It sets professional standards for the benefit of individuals and organizations using the services of its members. ISMA is committed to bring out stress awareness among public and professionals in the society. It has organized Stress Awareness Month (SAM) on 2012 and 2013 during the month of April and National Stress Awareness Day on 6th November 2012 throughout the country. Recently, ISMA had organized a national conference on “stress management professional” from 8th to 9th November 2013 where in 250 delegates from 27 universities and many companies were participated. Based on the delegates’ positive feedback the present international has been proposed.www.isma.org.in
About GPA 
The Goa Psychology Association (GPA) is a registered Organization which was started in October 2015 and officially launched on 30th December 2015 by the Honourable Governor of Goa Dr. Mridula Sinha and the Honourable Dy. C.M of Goa, Mr. Francis D’Souza.The integral objective is to help society develop a healthy mind set while attempting to transform it for a healthier lifestyle. It is a platform for professionals in Mental Health Care to integrate together as they foster the first steps towards collective and comprehensive growth of individuals and families in the state of Goa. The GPA lives by its maxim of “It begins in the Mind and trails down to a Lifestyle”. Accordingly, the Association has taken up a challenge of developing a healthy mind set amongst the people of Goa to match the Image of the State - a Happy and Stress free world for children, youngsters, adults and the elderly. www.goapsychologyassociation.org