"Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights"
Goa Tourism At A Glance
Neatly tucked into the Western coast of India, Goa is the state associated most with touristy beaches, a happening nightlife and over 300-year old Portuguese architecture.
Referred to as the city of churches by many, the culture of Goa has the lingering effect of being a Portugal colony. Visibly different from the rest of the country, Goa has characteristic colourful houses, lush green fields and a soothing languidness in the atmosphere. The charming villages of Goa are ideal for a laidback morning walk or an aimless evening stroll.
North and South regions of the place are strikingly different - the former is a cultural hub with traditional eateries and markets, while the latter makes for an idyllic vacation with its 5-star hotels, private beaches and a mix of white sand and clean blue water. Under the star-laden skies, each festivity becomes more alive. Goa greens and wildlife makes for a nature lover's ideal hotspot. If you are a food adventurer, you may want to visit the gorgeous spice gardens and try a glassful of cashew feni. Goa provides a respite, not just for the tourists on an appointment with nature, it is also the place for crazy parties and a vivacious night-life. The ultimate tourist destination of India, Goa promises to be something special for all types of travellers.
How to reach Goa
With over 2 million tourists coming in every year, Goa has to be well connected and accessible.

Goa by By Car:

A road trip to Goa is also a great option. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune are some popular places people drive down from. There are three national highways which pass through the state - NH 4A, NH 17, NH 17A. The roads are good and the view is amazing, making the drive worth it. You can hire a cab or if you are going in a group with multiple experienced drivers, you can take your own car. Apart from the fuel/cab charges, you will have to pay the toll tax.

Goa by Flight

Goa International airport is located at Dabolim, ~30 kms away from Panjim. Multiple domestic airlines provide daily flights from major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad. Most international flights to Goa arrive via Mumbai. In case your hotel offers free pickups, you don't need to worry about commute from the airport. Otherwise, pre-paid taxi is generally a good option.

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport

Goa by Road

Several luxury and budget buses run from major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi to Goa. State run bus service, Kadamba Transport is also a good option. Other state bus services - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh - also have daily buses going to Goa. Various private players also run buses connecting many cities to Goa. For comfortable rides, super deluxe AC and Volvo buses would be the better options. These would generally cost between Rs 1500 - Rs 2500 depending on the distance and type of bus.

Goa by Train

Goa has six railway stations. Most people usually get down at Madgaon or Vasco-da-Gama in South Goa and Thivim in North Goa. The train ride to Goa is worth the journey just for the view. The picturesque scenery of the Konkan region makes for an amazing sight. Train is also the cheapest option apart from being fast and comfortable.

Commuting Within Goa

Beaches in Goa are far apart and it stretches more than 100 km from north to south. Bus connectivity is good for popular areas of Goa and fares are low and still gives you a great view of the city. But buses are not a great option if you are looking for beach hopping or going to hang around til late night. You could rent a motorcycle or a scooter if you have a valid license. The rent starts from 250 per day per bike like Honda Activa or around 400 per day for Royal Enfield bikes. This excludes petrol costs. Riding on bikes is the most popular way of commuting in Goa for young tourists, including foreigners. You can also hire a cab, with or without a chauffeur to roam around. It starts from Rs.1000 per day for a simple hatchback. However, finding parking spots close to all beaches could be a problem whereas bikes give you the flexibility of going pretty close to the beach to park.

Most Popular Routes and Distances

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Hyderabad to Goa 12 hours 30 mins 637 km
Gurgaon to Goa 1 day 7 hours 1,838 km
Karwar to Goa 2 hours 4 mins 85.4 km
Agra to Goa 1 day 6 hours 1,785 km
Ernakulam to Goa 17 hours 39 mins 765 km
Alleppey to Goa 18 hours 49 mins 819 km
Varanasi to Goa 1 day 11 hours 1,860 km
Munnar to Goa 16 hours 54 mins 1,040 km
Lonavala to Goa 8 hours 25 mins 500 km
Amritsar to Goa 1 day 13 hours 2,208 km
Jaisalmer to Goa 1 day 3 hours 1,631 km
Kolkata to Goa 1 day 12 hours 2,118 km
Udaipur to Goa 21 hours 11 mins 1,326 km
Chandigarh to Goa 1 day 10 hours 2,127 km
Chennai to Goa 13 hours 59 mins 910 km
Jodhpur to Goa 1 day 0 hours 1,549 km
Shimla to Goa 1 day 13 hours 2,226 km
Delhi to Goa 1 day 7 hours 1,876 km
Mahabaleshwar to Goa 7 hours 7 mins 388 km
Bangalore to Goa 8 hours 45 mins 557 km
Srinagar to Goa 1 day 21 hours 2,721 km
Ahmedabad to Goa 17 hours 38 mins 1,096 km
Pune to Goa 7 hours 49 mins 440 km
Jaipur to Goa 1 day 3 hours 1,608 km
Coorg to Goa 10 hours 19 mins 501 km
Wayanad to Goa 12 hours 52 mins 609 km
Manali to Goa 1 day 17 hours 2,419 km
Mumbai to Goa 9 hours 49 mins 583 km