Numerous topics of interest to industry, employees, and researchers are covered in the series including:

o PSUs
o Multinationals
o Govt. Depts.
o Training Insti.
o Naturopathy
o Yoga
o Ayurveda
o Homeopathy
o Allopathy


o Gender issues
o Information Technology
o Work place issues
o Safety issues
o Work-life balance
o Lifestyle disorders
o Psychological problems
o Child health
o Geriatric Issues
o Trauma and post-traumatic stress
o School education
o College education
          o Professional education
Family & Relationship
o Cross culture
o Parenting
o Media
Assessments &  Interventions
o  Scaling techniques
o Tools 
o facilitations and systems
Cognitive & emotional areas
o Learning, memory
o perceptions
o attitudes
Neuronal & physiological areas 
o Endocrines
o Organs
o nervous systems etc.
Socio-organisational areas 
o Culture
o Urbanization
o Home settings etc.